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Example Swatches.

Inspiration for different industries.

Get some inspiration from the projects we’ve completed.Browse through the collection of swatch and sample cards we have delivered to satisfied clients. Even though the variety of samples look similar, the industries that use them differ considerably from each other.

Colourcards is a recognized partner for swatches for the fashion and textile industry. Fabrics are also used in the interior, living and sleeping industry, of which we make swatches and color charts. The automotive industry uses our samples for the interiors of cars and the upholstery of motorcycles. Fashion items  such as shoes, bags, and jackets - whether they are made from fabric, leather or plastic - are also very suitable for our machinery. For all these sectors and others, we are your partner to make sure that the design fulfills your goals and that we find the best solution for presenting your materials.

Kleding, mode, textiel, swatches, kleurkaarten

Fashion industry.

Colourcards has been supplying color cards, loose swatches, fabric bunches and more to the fashion industry for decades. With our products, you can offer your customers the best experience to get to know your materials.

interieur, styling, swatches, kleurkaarten


Colourcards can help you showcase a selection of larger fabric samples or display your entire collection of interior samples. If you prefer to present interiors on a larger scale, we can provide the large fabric samples required for your presentation.

Slaap-industrie, bedden, matrassen, bedtextiel, swatches, stoffen, kleurkaarten, staalkaarten, staalboeken

Color samples and swatches especially for the sleeping / mattress / bed textile industry.

Stansen, stansmachine, stans, snijden, knippen, Swatches, gestanste stoffen, stansen, stof, leder, leer, snijden, staalboeken, sampleboeken

Leather die-cutting.

Colourcards machines can die-cut a wide variety of materials. We cut leather, artificial leather, fabric, felt, paper and plastic.

Leer, leder stansen, snijden, swatch cards, kleurkaarten

Leather Goods.

Companies in the leather industry can have their samples punched with us.

Stapels, swatches, swatch cards, kleurkaarten, leer, leder stansen, snijden,

Imitation leather.

As an environmentally conscious business, artificial leather is a great material that we can cut excellently. The punching of artificial leather is possible in various thicknesses and sizes.

automotive, bekleding, textiel, swatches, kleurkaarten


Companies from the automotive industry can have a wide array of presentation materials, from single-panel sample cards to full sample kits containing a collection of sample cards. At Colourcards, we die-cut the materials and if desired, place them on color cards.

Staalkaart, swatches, swatch cards, kleurkaarten, leer, leder stansen, snijden,

Clothing sample cards.

Give your clients the best opportunity to experience your clothing materials, our color samples make your product shine.

Mode, kleding,textiel, swatches, stalen, kleurboeken

Tailor-made clothing.

Clients from various branches come to us for tailor-made clothing. From fashion to sports, we offer a complete solution for all your swatch card needs. To learn more about how Colourcards can make your products stand out, please contact us or read more about swatch Cards.


Specialist in die-cutting and punching techniques and producer of swatch cards, sample and color books and sample cards.

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